Duclo Recycling Limited, The Cube Shed, Intermezzo Drive, Stourton,
LS10 1DF

Based on experience
Days/hours of work:
Two week shift rotation. 12 hours shifts, 42 hours average. 7 to 7.

The Extrusion Operatives are a team of organised individuals who thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere. The team are responsible operating machinery including Shredders, Conveyors and Extruders to produce a high quality recycled plastic pellet. Attention to detail is a must as it is your responsibility to monitor the machine output, be responsive to rectify any machine issues to ensure that the machine produces a consistent high quality recycled pellet.

This team are the last touch point before the product it is delivered to the customer. Providing a high quality recycled plastic pellet means that the customers, manufacturers, can make use of waste plastics and produce new products using Duclo’s recycled materials.

Operating machinery can involve a substantial amount of manual handling including bending, stretching, stooping, stepping, reaching, and lifting. Having a moderate level of fitness and mobility is important to ensure you can work safely within health and safety regulations, without placing undue strain on your body.

Skills Required:
  • Work as a team to ensure targets are achieved
  • Operating automatic and manual packing machines, scales and printing devices, labelling and managing inventory
  • Maintain high levels of housekeeping in and around your work area
  • Carry out Quality Checks of finished product.
  • Counterbalance Forklift Qualification
  • Maintain high level of focus for an extended period of time