Grade A plastic pellets


Zero waste. Zero compromise.

Sustainability is our ultimate driver: it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning, and work to change our world for the better. That’s because by recycling plastic and giving plastic waste a new purpose, we’re not just helping our valued partners hit their own ESG goals. We’re helping the planet, too.

Here’s where we believe we can make the biggest positive change, both for our clients, and our world.

Waste Plastic Packaging

Sustainability Promise

Never waste, always reusable.

We strive to make sure plastic waste never needs to become waste. That way, we keep it out of our waste streams, reduce reliance on virgin plastic materials and contribute towards a circular economy.

Grade A plastic pellets

Key Promise

Always innovating.

We continuously improve our ways of working, to maximise our operational efficiency (such as energy usage per tonne of material produced) and reduce our own impact on the world around us.

Extrusion Machine

Key Promise

Together for better.

We’re innovators at heart, and collaborators by nature. We’re working to solve the world’s plastic waste problem and global carbon reduction targets by partnering with like-minded pioneers, to help change our future as a team.


We’re passionate about recycling plastic and giving plastic waste a new purpose. That means not just hitting our own benchmarks but those of our industry too.

ISO14001 and ISO9001

RecyClass Certification

Operation Clean Sweep

We’re working towards these two globally recognised certifications, showcasing our leadership in environmental management systems, and consistent quality management of our plastic recycling process, and the recycled plastic pellets we manufacture.

This certification scheme is designed to drive harmonisation for advancing circularity in Europe and beyond. We’re committed to the voluntary Recyclass voluntary scheme, for the quality of our plastic recycling processes, transparency of the origin of plastic waste and for the chain of custody of recycled plastics.

To buy RecyClass recycled plastic you’ve come to the right place!

We’re proud to be committed to Operation Clean Sweep: to ensure that recycled plastic pellets that are produced at our plastic recycling facility are handled with care and do not end up in our rivers or seas.

Recycled plastic materials

No compromise on performance

Pellet Grades