How to arrange your delivery

To ensure your delivery is managed quickly and safely please read the following site-specific instructions

All suppliers delivering to Duclo Recycling must obtain a delivery booking slot 24 hours prior to the proposed delivery date.

Please note, we can only accept bookings Monday to Friday 8am-3pm.

To arrange your delivery please email 24 hours prior to your booking request with the following information to ensure your delivery is accepted:

  • Duclo Recycling Purchase Order number
  • The number of pallets you will be delivering/collecting.
  • The requested time & date of delivery

Any deliveries without a booking will be refused.

Delivery note specification 

All delivery notes must contain the following information:

  • Reference/PO number for which the delivery/collection relates to
  • Customer details of where material has come from/going to
  • Total weight of product being delivered.
  • Total number of cases/cartons/rolls/bales/bags being delivered.
  • For all Goods In driver must have a Waste Transfer Note for the load

Please be aware that Duclo do not accept any loads which are not strapped or deemed unsafe.

On-site protocol: 

When arriving on site the driver must report immediately to reception through the side entrance. Hard hats, safety boots/shoes and hi-vis clothing must be worn when not inside their vehicle.

Please ensure the driver arrives with the delivery paperwork which must feature the Duclo Purchase Order number.

  • In busy periods, a member of the Duclo logistics team will advise the driver of any potential delays upon arrival.
  • If the driver arrives early, we will aim to unload as soon as possible otherwise they will wait until the allocated time. The driver may be asked to wait off site and return at their allocated time.
  • If the driver arrives late, they will go to the end of the queue and be unloaded as soon as possible. During busy periods, the driver may be turned away and you must obtain a new delivery time and date.

Any vehicles that arrive without the correct equipment will not be loaded, they will be given another slot to return another date/time.

All goods that leave site must be strapped internally & externally.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation